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the industry 2019

kilian kayser played digital and non-digital percussion and filmed the whole thing:


at the start of spring 2019, songwriter willem smit was asked to do something during the into the great wide open festival. he decided to ask a bunch of his favorite musicians from the netherlands to make an album with him. 

at the end of the summer of 2019 fourteen dutch musicians, producers and songwriters wrote and recorded an album. partly on a boat to, mostly on dutch island vlieland.


1. ouverture
this song was written by cees paris and abel tuinstra of steve french and recorded on a digital 4-track.
2. buildings
jaap van der velde of the homesick and korfbal came up with the stacking of vocals over this rock and roll song. pretty much all of the males of the industry sing on it. 
3. the window
arie van vliet of lewsberg talks and sings to a little bird on this song. ian cleaver on trumpet.
4. obsession
recorded live with nine musicians in one room including trumpets and vocals. like almost all tracks cunningly recorded by daan duurland and surrounded by ola beach umbrellas.
5. makkum
recorded on a ship on the waters between makkum and vlieland on one track of a 4-track, on the day after the night when six musicians became official makkumers by crawling through the leugenbollegat. it's abel tuinstra mumbling and strumming.
6. frisbee

music was written by the same six musicians and lyrics and vocal melodies by marnix visscher of price and korfbal. there was a lot of frisbeeing going on during breaks. casper van der lans, who mixed half of the record is, is especially nifty with frisbees and can make them bounce off walls and the ground and still hit target. 
7. oh not again

is sung by pip blom, her brother tender blom and six children from the only school on vlieland. the children were not impressed by the studio.

8. solo blasting

is a personal trainer song recorded completely live.
9. in flickering fime
is an idea by jaap van der velde and lena hessels. recorded once the morning after it was born, properly miked on a hill in nature on top of the studio.
10. limbo
a rock song led by marnix visscher.
11. race car

a cees paris/willem smit song with backings by lena hessels and a nice arrangement composed by abel tuinstra performed by ian cleaver on a rusty trombone.

12. the industry
a personal trainer song on a piano. 


the industry x loose ends

at erik's house

live sessions recorded at erik's house by remko schouten of ijland studio during loose ends. mixed by remko schouten and casper van der lans. 


live sessions during our helicopterijland parties at helicopter Amsterdam. recorded/mixed by ijland studio.




we had:

 the klittens

 serial chiller

personal trainer


pip blom

sports team

steve french


swine tax

mark lada's golden arches

loui lind

21 vek


the sweet release of death

at least 2 couples fell in love during a helicopter(ij)land